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Happy New Year!

The Bit Farm wishes you the very best for 2020.  May you make beautiful music, be healthy and    prosperous!       

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iTunes Is Going Away But Apple Digital Masters Lives On…  

Apple’s initiative for delivering high-quality audio to its listeners has been recently rebranded from ‘Mastered For iTunes’ to ‘Apple Digital Masters’(ADM). This initiative allows mastering engineers to preserve the highest-possible quality when encoding master recordings for digital distribution through iTunes (now Apple Music). Apple’s ADM tools and guidelines prevent clipping and other unwanted remnants of the loudness wars — when producers and mastering engineers kept turning up the volume on recorded music at the expense of dynamic range.

What Does Apple Digital Masters Mean To You?

For Artists & Songwriters: The Apple Digital Masters incentive is an opportunity for songwriters. The platform allows artists to deliver their music in the highest possible quality.

For Audio Engineers: The sonic quality of your mixes will be preserved faithfully and accurately when delivered to listeners around the world; exactly as you intend it to be heard.

James Anderson at The Bit Farm is an Apple-certified Apple Digital Masters Content Provider. We provide this service to our customers at no additional cost.

Recent Releases


iAwake Technologies & Nadja Lind
BE: A Journey into Presence with Alpha Waves

BE is designed to relax your nervous system into an alpha brainwave state—a light meditative state similar to what you would feel if you were deprived of sensory information coming in from the environment and able to focus simply on calming your thoughts. Alpha waves are associated with developing multidimensional awareness, peak performance states, creativity, and presence

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Jose Cabrera
O Come, All Ye Faithful: A Piano Christmas

This album features classic Christmas songs performed by world-class pianist José Cabrera.

Fusing elements of jazz and classical influences in his style, José also introduces a touch of latin flair from his native Dominican Republic to these brand new original arrangements.

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Toren Wallengren
‘Home’ Single

The album art is a piece by my uncle Lawrence Carroll who passed away earlier this year. It was a post from his Instagram page and he left a beautiful comment which I feel reflects much of what this song is about:

“After my paintings were shipped off for my show in Magdeburg I was cleaning my home studio. Littered all over the floors were scraps of cardboard from the making of my Magdeburg paintings. They were tiny scraps and I wanted to use them. I collected them all like gold and simply started to piece them together. Over some days I finished. I love making beautiful things, and I love making things from nothing. You don’t need much to make something.”

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