Apple Digital Masters Certification

The Bit Farm has received certification as an Apple Digital Masters content provider. That certification makes sure that your music is accurately reproduced on millions of iTunes music players around the globe & allows your music to appear in the curated ‘Apple Digital Masters’ section of iTunes.

To get your tracks in the Apple Digital Masters section of iTunes, your music has to have been mastered by a certified Apple Digital Masters engineer. And now, The Bit Farm’s James Anderson is that guy!

The Bit Farm Is A Certified Apple Digital Masters Content Provider

What Does This Mean To You?

For Artists & Songwriters: The Apple Digital Masters incentive is an opportunity for songwriters. The platform allows artists to deliver their music in the highest possible quality.

For Audio Engineers: Your mixes’ sonic quality will be preserved faithfully and accurately when delivered to listeners around the world; exactly as you intend it to be heard.

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