Audio Mastering Is <strong> An Art</strong>Audio Mastering Is <strong> Science</strong>Audio Mastering is <strong> A Process</strong>

Audio Mastering Is An Art

Mastering creates an emotional connection to your music

Audio Mastering Is Science

Your Songs + Our Science

Audio Mastering is A Process

It involves critical listening and creative decisions

Audio Mastering Is Important!

MASTERING is the final preparation of your mixes before they are released to the public. It involves critical listening, creative decisions, meticulous documentation, preparation of sound files for CD, Electronic Music Distribution and Vinyl plus the very best sound tools available.

That’s why you should choose The BitFarm for your mastering — we got all that! 🙂

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About The Bit Farm

The BitFarm Mastering Studio in Torrey Utah uses a unique hybrid signal chain comprised of state-of-the-art digital processing and old-school analog hardware. This processing combo produces beautiful, detailed and organic-sounding master files.


JSA-headshot-square01James Anderson is the Sr. Mastering Engineer here at The Bit Farm. For more than 40 years, he’s been practicing the art of audio.

His experience, listening skills, technical knowledge and attention to detail make him a great person to have on your production team. James is also bi-lingual speaking both ‘Musician’ and ‘Engineer’ languages fluently.


  • Mastering at all sample rates: 44.1 -> 384 kHz
  • Analog and digital processing
  • File format specialists: MP3, AAC, ALAC, FLAC…
  • We do metadata: UPC/EAN, ISRC, Album/Artist/Track Title/Artwork
  • Mastered for iTunes (MfiT) Compliant



Our Services

  • Mastering For Digital & Vinyl
  • Audio Restoration & Repair
  • CD & DDP Delivery
  • Digital/Analog Signal Chain
  • High Resolution Conversion
  • Plenty Of Free Parking 😉

Latest Bit Farm Projects:

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Ed Lueders @93 “In a Sentimental Mood” Solo Piano CD

Ed Lueders @93 “In a Sentimental Mood” Solo Piano CD

Mama J Masters New Single

Mama J’s new single ‘I Don’t Know Why (But I


What Is Audio Mastering?

In brief, mastering is the preparation of your final music mixes (either in stereo or multi-channel) for distribution as a CD, a vinyl record, MP3, iTunes and other electronic music distribution mediums, or DVD.

All mastering here at the BitFarm is done with a unique hybrid blend of analog and digital processing. That workflow creates a beautiful natural-sounding final product.

The mastering process starts with a critical listening pass through your music, then tracks are laid out in the sequence you provide to us. Careful processing like EQ, multi-band compression, stereo image enhancement and limiting are added to each song, bringing a cohesive and consistent overall tone and volume level to your mixes. Next, the fade-in and fade-out of each song is carefully addressed and the timing between each song gets decided. Finally, the track IDs or PQ codes get assigned and metadata (artwork, album/artist name. ISRC) is tagged to each song. Then those songs are exported as 24-bit files for electronic music delivery as well as 16-bit files DDP or CD-R.


The BitFarm is ‘Mastered For iTunes’ Certified

Mastering also involves the assignment of an International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) to each track. ISRCs are the digital fingerprint for each song you create.
The BitFarm is a registered ISRC licensee, so creating that metadata is a breeze.